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"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

At the request of our fans we agreed to let them travel with us to the coolest locations. • Our travel plans make it easier for you! • Expeditions to Sacred Sites enhance the journey and change our lives for-ever!  • Messages from Ancients stir higher consciousness. • Are you ready? Upcoming trips will be our best yet.. •  Follow your BLISS... 

"I think," said Christopher Robin, '"we should eat all our provisions now, so we don't have so much to carry."

Discover inner and outer Journey.  Expand Heart connection. Rest, Restore, Renew. "Travel is the only thing that makes you richer."

Don't miss the FAQ below...our travel style is not for everyone!


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What our travelers say

Bruce M

My trip to Peru with Cary was unforgettable. Even Magical. Cary brought 13 healers from around the world together and we visited four different climate zones, met with shamans and spread love and light.

Noreen H, Florida

My first solo travel experience from Florida to the Yucatan dispelled my fears about traveling alone. People were friendly and helpful. This life lesson only came through experience! I learned to open to myself and my art. I worked with children, eager to learn. A blessing for me indeed. 

Being at Casa Oasis was an answer to an inner call to expand. Each day I awakened to a new vision of myself and possibilities for a Peaceful Planet. Thanks to Cary & Mark, the village, a soulful experience!

Marek V

Immersing in other cultures has changed me deeply -  enriching my knowledge of the world and our place in it... Being at the Sacred Laguna is deeply transformative in restoring oneself with who you truly are!

Alexander Rasol

Costa Rica is a magical place for facilitating your personal healing and self-empowerment, and also for renewing your zest for life.  Your journey here is bound to be one that opens doors to magnificent new levels of Awareness and en-JOY-ment in your human experience, set in a safe, peaceful, and positively nurturing natural environment.'

Sam Meyering

A huge key for the shift into multi-dimensional transformation and ascension of the individual, as well as for the Planet as a whole. As we move into the Heart and grow toward our full potential, 21st Century Superhuman is a jump-start. No matter what age you are, or what point on the path, these books need to be on your shelf.