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21st century superhuman The Books that will change your life
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★★★★ “These books are a Healing Balm for the World as we know it and for those ready to make a change. They are enlightening, scientific and a vital guide for you to discover and follow. - Kathleen DeLano

★★★★"...most Important books on the Planet & Guidebooks for Our Times." Carl Franklin, Key of Life Mystery Schools

Book cover Shift of the Ages

Shift of the Ages

21st Century Superhuman Book 1 - Shift of the Ages - Cosmic Light and Ancient Texts meet Quantum Physics

We are Now in what the Ancients called the 'Shift of the Ages,' an event stranger than fiction, activating latent Abilities within us, drawing us irresistibly to Awaken...

Each of us faces the Ultimate choice, whether to hang out on the sidelines or catch this Wave in the most Powerful Evolutionary Leap in Human History...

Book cover Mind


21st Century Superhuman Book 2 MIND - Secret Formula for LOVE, Health & Abundance

Amazingly, the Secret Formula is found within us! Free your mind, relieve stress, let go worry and doubt, learn to magnetize LOVE, Health, Abundance and Peace into your world.

★★★★ "Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first, the trust part comes later."  Superman

Book cover Spirit


21st Century Superhuman Book 3 - Live Your Dreams: Success, Passion, Relationship, Community

Explore how you can cultivate true intimacy in your relationships, empower healthy family, children and pets, and emerge into productive community, as we move into a New Civilization founded in LOVE...

Book cover El Cambio de las eras

El Cambio de las eras

El Superhumano del Siglo XXI Libro 1: 'El Cambio de las Eras': Luz Cósmica y Textos Antiguos Se encuentran con la Física Cuántica

★★★★"Uno de los Libros más Importantes del Planeta" y " Una guía para Nuestros Tiempos..." -- Carl Franklin, Escuelas de Misterio de la Llave de la Vida

Navega en estos tiempos de gran cambio hacia el Salto Evolutivo más Poderoso de la Historia de la Humanidad... ★★★★★" Este libro es un bálsamo curativo para el mundo tal y como lo conocemos y para aquellos que están dispuestos a hacer un cambio. Es esclarecedor, científico y una guía vital para que usted descubra y siga." --Kathleen DeLano

People often tell me I live a Superhuman life and in a way I do.  However it isn’t by accident...  I was ‘called’ in 2012 to write (‘download’ from higher dimensions) 21st Century Superhuman Now a Series, called “most important books on the planet” & “guidebooks for our time...”  revealing in exquisite detail Secrets of how to live Successfully & Joyfully in our emerging Quantum 'reality'... not to be missed on the path of Awakening!

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Cary Kirastar Ellis - Author, Host

What our readers say...

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Amber Joanne
Mom, guide

These books are a game changer, hitting home on every page. New essential information for the collective, yet feels familiar to the soul. The 21st Century Superhuman series is a great treasure for every home; truly a powerful tool and masterpiece.

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Sam V. Meyering

As we move into living from the Heart and growing towards reaching our full potential, these books are a jump-start in the process of ascension. No matter what age you are, or what point of the path, this Series needs to be on your shelf.

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Amy Zaborek Pomar

As humanity rises in Consciousness, so does our Planet Earth. ‘21st Century Superhuman’ books are most well-written guides, providing reason and explanation for the Awakening that is being collectively experienced across the globe at this time.