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We live in amazing times...the Shift of the Ages! It is critical to find Your True path & shine Your Light in Home, Community and the World! We have Tools & Resources for these times of Great Change! Join us! Cary Kirastar Ellis, Author, Host

Image headerImage 21st Century Superhuman
Image headerImage 21st Century Superhuman

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Dream it. Do it.

Decades of transformation taught me that most often the impossible is actually possible. From early days of plant medicines and raw foods, to healing my broken arm in 3 hours with Body Electronics, to Firewalking with Tony Robbins and breaking boards with my bare hands, swimming with wild dolphins to see Light not visible to the naked eye and hearing 'celestial music,' all played a role in activating my third eye and taught me to depend on the paranormal to be a 21st Century Superhuman.

Cary Kirastar Ellis.
Author, Host
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